Legal aid is there to meet the costs of legal advice and representation in court or tribunal by an attorney. Having legal aid can assure assistance regarding any costs involved with a lawsuit or other legal troubles.

In the UK, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before attempting to receive legal aid.

It will need to be proved that the case in question is eligible for legal aid and that the problem which the individual is facing is serious and in need of legal assistance.

The UK also has a law of only giving legal aid to individuals who cannot afford to pay for legal advice or representation. An individual will need to prove that their gross annual income does not exceed £12 475.

In the UK, legal aid can be obtained for domestic abuse and harassment in families.

Legal aid also assists if the family is only at risk of the mentioned factors.

Losing a home or being at risk of becoming homeless is another factor to which the UK government can provide legal aid to assure that the person will not become homeless or lose their homes without being able to have a fighting chance.

This is also vital in a business where some people may be at risk of losing their businesses. Especially through covid 19, many grants were given towards businesses struggling to pay commercial rent or employees.

In business, one can easily be accused of a crime and face prison or detention. This is also a valid reason for receiving legal aid from the UK government and can protect a businessperson from not being represented in court.