With the online gambling industry becoming a popular means of business in the UK, many business-minded individuals are planning on opening online casinos. There are many laws and regulations to follow when deciding to get involved in the industry.

Online casinos are not only about providing games to the public. It’s also about creating a service where customers can get assistance to payment methods and other customer support services and providing expert reviews on the games.

Here we look at some of the licenses needed from the UK Gambling Commission before opening an online casino.

Three different types of licenses should be obtained. All three may be necessary to obtain depending on the type of gambling business.

Operating Licence

If providing facilities for remote gambling, either online or ground-based, and advertising to the UK consumers, a licence is necessary from the Gambling Commission. There are three types of operating licences including non-remote, remote, and ancillary. In some cases, all three would be necessary to obtain.

Personal Management Licence

Personal Management Licences are needed when being responsible for various activities from licensed gambling businesses. Some of the activities include marketing, management, IT services, and of course when owning and managing an online casino.

There are many more activities involved with the PML which includes most job descriptions in gambling such as regulatory compliance, commercial development, budgeting and financial planning, strategies, and delivery of gambling operations.

A Personal Functional Licence

A personal Functional Licence is needed if an individual is involved in gaming and handles cash in relation to gambling at licenced online casinos. Some of the involvements include being a dealer, cashier, inspector, supervisor, or anything related to gambling activities.

These licences are necessary when deciding to get into the online casino industry and opening an online casino in the UK.